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Allegiance Refining believes in being a good neighbor by supporting local charities that help improve the quality of life in our surrounding community. Whether it is through toy drives or collecting school supplies for children in need, all of us at Allegiance Refining look for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

We also believe that transparency and open communication are paramount to maintaining good relationships with our neighbors. We have an established Community Advisory Panel (CAP) at The San Antonio Refinery, which is comprised of local citizens and business and civic leaders. The CAP provides a forum for open and honest dialogue between the company and its CAP partners regarding refinery operations and activities. 

We appreciate the partnerships we have established in our community and endeavor to grow our outreach each year.

Charitable Donation Requests

Allegiance Refining supports nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organizations that assist our community in the areas of education, youth programs, the environment, health and safety, and arts and culture. We do not donate to for-profit organizations and related events.

To request a charitable contribution, all requesting organizations must complete the Charitable Giving Request Form linked below and upload the required documentation. Charitable giving requests require 30 days advance notice.

Required Documentation

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